Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paranormal sidewalks crumble down the road. Cracks in the concrete erupt with an exuberance of grass bursting forth for the sun. A prison break
Warped wooden fences smile almost toothless, soothed by the bath of the warm sun over splintered crooked poles. Awkward rotting posts leaning
The relentless pound of shoes, the roar of motors, a thick slab of concrete, buried in utter darkness...yet these thin blades of grass escape
The bulb of my head teeters on its stalk & there is no other thought than to follow the thin blades of grass that went before me
Others have painted murals of horizons on the walls of their prison cells, painting fluffy saccharine words of inspiration. This bulb is fired
Bloody, shattered like an egg, this skull must break up thru the surface. Time can't be wasted decorating the walls of our cells. Let's break free

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